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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Dark Sarah launch crowdfunding campaign for album number three

When it comes to overtly theatrical bands like Dark Sarah, crowdfunding is not a tactic you would imagine them employing. Nevertheless, in support of their third album The Golden Moth, out sometime next year, the band have established a crowdfunding page from which fans can access pre-orders and other album-oriented bundles.

From the album, lead single “Trespasser” has been released and can be seen below, featuring JP Leppäluoto (of Charon, Harmaja and Northern Kings) as “The Dragon”. In fact, JP will feature throughout the album as an official part of the lineup under the moniker of “The Dragon”.

Never ones to underdo anything, Dark Sarah complete their first trilogy (The Chronicles) with The Golden Moth. The trilogy tells about Dark Sarah’s travel through three worlds, each represented by an album: The Middle World with Behind The Black Veil, The Underworld with The Puzzle and now The Upper World with The Golden Moth.

On The Golden Moth, Dark Sarah has to face the final test and find her way to the gods in the Upper World. After she solved the puzzle in The Underworld (in The Puzzle) and found the three keys, the Iron birds came there for her and took her to the Upper World, a deserted wasteland where the gods rule. However, a trespasser, The Dragon, came with her. In the heat of the desert they meet again and there is something The Dragon wants from her. Also in the roles of The Gods you will hear Zuberoa Aznarez (of Diabulus In Musica) and a yet unnamed guest as featuring artists.

Sounds pretty damn dramatic right? The whole lot is much better explained by their campaign video. Meanwhile, their crowdfunding page can be found here.

The Golden Moth is out next year.

Dark Sarah: official | facebook | youtube | last.fm

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