Candlelight Records welcome Black Moth to their roster

Black Moth are a band that we as a site have been keeping our eye on for a while. When the email that the band had been picked up by Candlelight Records came through, it was obvious the story had to be covered. The pairing of band and label is particularly important for Anatomical Venus, the band’s third album that is set for release on January 26th next year.

Anatomical Venus has been described as The Moth’s “heaviest” and most “mothic”, remaining true to where they’ve been on the past two records. You can make that choice yourself on the 3rd of November with the release of lead single “Moonbow” which vocalist Harriet Hyde described as “An ode and an offering to the moon herself”.

The album’s narrative was supposedly arrived at after Harriet’s exposure to 18th century wax models of the female form employed by male surgeons to learn their craft. With a strong theme and concept to run with, Hyde opens us saying:

The Anatomical Venus spoke volumes to me. She embodies the male gaze, a history of men dissecting women in an attempt to understand her, reveal her magic, snuff out her unruly flame, while all the time needing her to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to their taste. These models are not simply practical medical models for education – they are fetish objects, women stripped back as far as you can go. But there is a look of defiance in their eyes as if to say, ‘keep looking if you like. I dare you. Peel back my skin and peep behind my ribcage, you won’t find anything unless I choose to tell you’.

With the team of Andy Hawkins (Hawk Eyes, Maximo Park) behind the production and Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir) overseeing the mixing of the 10 tracks, Black Moth, teamed with Candlelight Records seem poised to create quite a stir over the coming few months.

All outstanding shows can be found below which mark the release of “Moonbow”. If you like what you’re hearing then make your way down to one of these nights for some heavy psychedelic riffage!
  • 9th – London, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen (special Guests, The Pearl Harts)
  • 10th – Leeds, Belgrave Music Hall (pecial Guests, Chambers & Method Acting)


  • 22th – London, Electric Ballroom (Orange Goblin Xmas Show)


  • 4th – 6th – London, Desertfest

Anatomical Venus is due for release on January 28th next year via Candlelight Records.

Black Moth: facebook | twitter 

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