The Parasite Syndicate’s Vocalist Rich Ó’Donnchü heads to Masterchef: The Professionals!

He may look more metalhead than master of haute cuisine with the his many tattoos  but don’t be fooled, singer Rich Ó’Donnchü is one seriously talented chef! As Greg Wallace says…

Challenging…delightful…and bordering on genius!

Rich Ó'Donnchü
Rich Ó’Donnchü

The Parasite Syndicate singer absolutely blitzed his way through his first slot on MasterChef The Professionals last night on BBC 2, showcasing his incredible culinary skills and proving beyond doubt he can bring it to a kitchen with as much style as he does on a stage! His green tea and white chocolate dessert won praise from judges Marcus Wareing, Monica Galetti and Gregg Wallace, and his poached hake curry was also a winner, with Wallace saying “I find your dish challenging and delightful and intriguing – and bordering on genius.”

Ó’Donnchü says:

I’m on top of the world. I went for it and it’s paid off. But now it’s serious game time!

You can see how he progresses in tonight’s episode, Thursday 8pm on BBC 2 as he continues on in the battle towards the final.

With the Nottingham/Derby based band’s single ‘Red Sky’ out now and  debut album due in February, it looks like it’s going to be a lively few months for Rich Ó’Donnchü. Funnily enough I think he can expect a lot more calls from his friends all wanting to come round to dinner from now on too, me included, damn he can conjure up some cracking food. Fresh, real world inspired metal music in the background & spectacular food on the table, what more could anyone want!

You can see Rich in the next episode of Masterchef The Professionals when it airs tonight at 8pm on BBC 2, and you can check out his awesome culinary skills from last night below.

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