New Band of the Day: Jettblack

Jettblack (2013)

The world tour stops off in London to pick up Jettblack, a four-piece playing hard rock. A bit of a change of pace and a step back in time compared to some of the bands I’ve covered recently.

Of course, the past isn’t a bad place. It brought us quite a large number of very good bands. The present also throws up some pleasant surprises. Jettblack are one of them.

Essentially, if you like anything heavier than Poison, but not quite as heavy as Iron Maiden then you should give these guys a listen. The clue’s in their Twisted Sister-esque logo. This isn’t the kind of music that starts mosh pits. It’s the type that has crowds pumping their fists in the air and shouting out the choruses; the type that insists you sit your girlfriend on your shoulders so she can flash the band.

It’s catchy. It’s fun.

They have a couple of videos, and it was hard to pick one to put below as all the stuff’s so good in different ways. I’ve opted for the shouty/catchy one of the bunch. If you want “Cheese factor ten, Mr Sulu” then click through to Raining Rock.

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