Rammstein Stadium Tour: Concert Synopsis – Saint-Denis

Rammstein put out one hell of a show the last time they were in France, during the 4th leg of the “Rammstein Stadium Tour.” The German band had just approved of their visit again to France this year in the 5th and last leg of their tour, and the information has got the people of Marseille on their heels.

Most are just trying to round off whatever they are engaged with at the moment, before June 8th, the day the concert is slated to be held in Marseille at Orange Vélodrome, while some are just trying to secure tickets to the concert on time. If you fall in the tickets category, we suggest looking up Rammstein Marseille tickets through a reliable online ticket marketplace.

Stade de France was at its all-time capacity when Rammstein was there last year, and we believe the same thing will be the case of the Orange Vélodrome when the German Neue Deutsche Härte band visits France again this year.

We also believe a brief look through the way the band organized their previous concert in France will give y’all in Marseille a heads-up on what to expect.

Concert Synopsis – Saint-Denis – Round 1

On the night of July 22nd, 2023, Rammstein commenced their concert in Stade de France, located in Saint-Denis, France with their gigantic stage speakers softly blasting the “Music for the Royal Fireworks” and a screen slowly rising to the top of the stage.

Rammstein usually marks the beginning of their performance for the night with a loud pyrotechnics blast; the same thing happened that night in Stade de France. But, that didn’t happen, until the screen which was raised to the top of the stage displayed Rammstein’s customized “R” logo in its glory.

The first person on the stage is usually Christoph Schneider, the band’s drummer. Followed by the rest of the band members, Ollie, Flake, Richard and Paul. Till is usually the last person to emerge from below the stage. When he did in Stade de France, everyone saw that he was covered in “snakeskin military regalia” wearing a pair of boots and a jacket to complete the General look.

Stade de France immediately turned into a wailing ground as thousands of people who were present that night began to shout in joy as the German band took the stage. The first song that was performed by Till and his mates was, “Was Ich Liebe.” The stage began to emit black smoke, which was perfect to set the mood for Rammstein’s next performance, “Links 2-3-4.”

“Links 2-3-4” performance was one of the most amazing we’ve seen from Rammstein. Usually, there’s a synch between Till and the crowd in the stadium, surprisingly, the crowd at Stade de France didn’t disappoint. The moment he counted, “2-3-4,” the crowd echoed, “Links” together with him. All these continued to happen, while a red banner on stage behind the band was lowered, displaying Rammstein’s logo once again.

During their first round, Rammstein took the entire Stade de France on a ride through 9 of their songs, including “Tattoo,” “Sehnsucht,” “Zeig Dich,” “Mein Herz Brennt,” “Puppe,” “Heirate mich,” and lastly, “Diamant.”

After performing these songs, Rammstein left the stage and came back to commence round 2 of their concert.

Saint-Denis – Round 2

Rammstein left the stage to prepare for their 2nd round of the night. But, the stage was opened for Richard to perform his version of “Deutschland.” While at it, the other band members came back onstage to join Richard.

Ollie, Flake, Christoph and Paul came to the stage wearing identical hoodies. Soon enough, the crowd found out exactly what they were meant for. The lights in Stade de France were already low or shut off. So, when the other members put on their hoods, the hoodies light up making their body structure visible for fans in the stadium. The band members used their hoodies to dance to “Deutschland” which Richard was remixing on a DJ Deck.

Soon later, when everyone in Saint-Denis was trying to catch their breath after Richard’s session, the entire band members came back to the stage in their normal clothes and performed the original version of “Deutschland,” with “Radio” following up next.

For their next performance, Till alongside Flake disappeared on stage. The stadium was quiet for a while, as the crowd thought something had happened to them. But, the remaining band members began playing “Mein Teil,” and shortly afterwards, Till came back to the stage wearing chef’s clothes, covered in blood, while pushing a gigantic cooking pot.

The crowd in Stade de France went wild on sighting Till coming back on stage in his blooded outfit. But, there was a bit of confusion amidst the performance.  As Till began singing, with a microphone that had a knife underneath, Flake was nowhere to be found. The crowd wasn’t prepared for what followed next.

Till opened the big pot he had wheeled onto the stage and revealed Flake inside. As Flake was inside the pot playing his keyboard, Till brought out some flamethrowers and attempted to cook Flake in the pot by heating the pot with the flamethrower.

Some minutes into the performance, Flake escaped the pot and ran off the stage, and Till chased after him. The band also performed, “Du hast,” and lastly “Ohne dich” which marked the end of their 2nd round.

Saint-Denis – Round 3

Before the commencement of round 3, a message was displayed on the stage screens for the crowd to turn on the flashlights of their phones. At that time, Stade de France was extremely dark, so the flashlights would resemble stars only visible from above the stadium.

The band began their round 3 performance by playing a piano version of “Engel.” Their supporting act, Jatekok were there to add rhythm to the night. After the performance, the rest of the band members went back to the main stage riding an inflatable.

There, Till greeted them and they initiated the first encore of the show. Rammstein played “Ausländer” and then performed, “Du riechst so gut” for their fans in Saint Denis. The performance of “Du Riechst so gut” was beautiful and full of sparks. Till had shot a bow that let out sparks which fell on the audience.

The 1st encore was rounded up with the performance of “Pussy.” The display featured Till shooting white foam from a phallic cannon. After unmounting the cannon, confetti was shot out to the audience forcing a roar out of them. This marked the end of the 1st encore for the night.

Rammstein then left the stage to prepare for the 2nd encore and also their last performance for the night.

Saint-Denis – Round 4

Rammstein spent some time off the stage, allowing their fans some time to relax from all the fun that took place in the previous rounds. The atmosphere that night at Stade de France was joyous.

After some time, when everyone had relaxed a bit, Rammstein came back on stage to perform the iconic, “Rammstein.” After the performance, their choice song for ending the show was, “Ich Will.”

The stadium was filled with loud bursts of flames, shooting up to the sky from the stage they stood on. The band then walked to the bottom of the stage, and did a “Curtsey,” as is a tradition for them ever since they started the “Rammstein Stadium Tour.”

The lead vocalist, Till Lindemann, stands up first to thank the audience for coming before the entire team walks off the Stade de France stage.

Just like the beginning, Rammstein officially concluded their performance in Stade de France with a loud pyrotechnics blast. The same way they began the concert.

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