How to get the best sound quality with your AirPods

Have you ever experienced subpar sound quality when jamming to your favorite metal or rock tracks? Sometimes, you only need the fitting earbuds that deliver the ultimate quality. In such situations, look no further than Apple’s AirPods. Whether you enjoy their small size, know that they pack a punch as they offer crips and clear music.

However, accessing the best sound quality through your AirPods for rock and metal music requires setting adjustments. Hence, throughout this article, you will explore how to optimize various aspects of your AirPods to listen to your favorite tracks. Moreover, learn how to troubleshoot any issues you might face to access the best quality sound constantly!

Learning How to Troubleshoot Sound Quality Issues on AirPods

Despite AirPods being the ultimate outlet for excellent sound quality, there might be moments when you face issues that hinder your experience. There are various common issues every AirPods user encounters. A common problem is when AirPods randomly disconnect, prompting you to struggle to find your rock and metal vibe. But why do AirPods keep disconnecting sometimes? Learning the reasons behind it, such as low battery or software issues, is essential to figure out how to solve them. Unfortunately, occasionally other Bluetooth connections can interfere with your wireless signal.

After you explore troubleshooting problems, it is essential to focus on the quality of the music. You might wonder: How do I get high-quality audio on my AirPods? There are three main aspects to focus on, which are:

  • High-quality music sources. Find lossless or high-bitrate files to listen to for the best quality music.
  • EQ settings. What’s the best EQ setting for AirPods? While it might differ according to personal preference, you can focus on adjustments for the best rock and metal experience. Boost the bass and treble frequencies, but reduce the mid-range frequencies. Explore more about EQ settings below.
  • Change ear tips.Try different ear tip sizes to find which fits perfectly into your ears.

Setting Up AirPods for Rock and Metal Music

Before diving into how to set up your AirPods, there is a critical aspect to address. Are AirPods Pros good for music? They pose a significantly enhanced improvement compared to older models. Not only do they provide better noise cancellation, but it provides better sound quality and clarity. That said, there are various aspects to explore related to setting up AirPods for rock and metal music, which you can discover below.

Adjusting settings on your device

Working on your phone’s settings is the first step to gaining the best rock and metal experience. Ensure that you have the latest software updates to provide compatibility with AirPods. Moreover, turn off sound-enhancement features, including “Sound Check” or “Volume Limit.” These can affect the dynamic, volume, and bass of your music. Lastly, consider turning on the “Mono Audio” feature. This might help you balance out the song in your ears.

Choosing adequate source for your music

After you adjust your basic settings, focus on where you are getting your rock and metal music from. Did you ever wonder: Why does my AirPods Pro sound muffled while listening to rock or metal music? It might be related to the source of the music. Avoid compressed music files such as MP3. Also, consider using a music streaming service that offers lossless and high-quality audio options. This could include Amazon Music HD or Tidal.

Selecting the proper EQ settings

EQ (Equalization) settings for rock and metal music allow you to balance the sound and improve your experience. As those genres feature dynamic range and emphasis on bass, adjusting EQ settings for the tracks is essential. Some of the top tips to follow include:

  • Experiment with different settings to figure out which particular taste in music and specifications.
  • Boost the bass and treble frequencies. At the same time, reduce the mid-range frequencies. This allows you to bring out the intensity of these genres.
  • Consider utilizing a third-party EQ app or plugin for advanced EQ customization.

Additional Tips for Rocking Out with AirPods

Aside from setting up your AirPods for these genres, some additional tips and tricks will enhance your listening experience. Some of them are discussed below.

Maintaining your AirPods for optimal performance

Maintaining the quality of your AirPods often boils down to regularly cleaning them. For example, How do you stop metal shavings in AirPods? As friction sometimes produces residual metal collecting in your AirPods, it is vital to clean them regularly. Clean the earbuds and charging case with soft, dry clothes to remove dirt, debris, and dust. To avoid these metal shavings, keep them clean, use protective covers, inspect them regularly, and avoid harsh environments.

Explore third-party applications

Some third-party applications can help you improve your experience. Consider using:

  • EQ apps. Some applications allow you to access customization options that provide a more comprehensive range of options for EQ.
  • Noise-cancellation apps. While AirPods Pro provides excellent noise cancellation, some apps will help you navigate better in noisy environments.
  • Ambient sound apps.Those apps allow you to adjust the level of external noise to hear your surroundings while listening to music.
  • Music discovery apps. Some music discovery apps will help you find higher-quality music for your AirPods. This will allow you to access better music quality for AirPods.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best settings for your AirPods to enhance your rock and metal music will boost your music experience. From changing some EQ settings to keeping them clean, all the slightest details will enrich the music sound booming through your ears. Through the adequate setup, you can enjoy your favorite rock tracks like you never did before! Ensure you refer to the tips and advice above for the optimal adventure.

Header image:  cottonbro studio via Pexels

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