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Damnation 2019 Interview: The Infernal Sea

After their performance on the Cult Never Dies stage at Damnation festival this year, we caught up with one of the UK’s finest black metal bands in recent years to discuss what had been happening in the band recently and their upcoming plans for the next few months.

Last time we spoke was in 2017 at Bloodstock. What have you guys been up to since then?

We’ve played a lot of shows and recorded an album. We did a tour with Abigail Williams recently which was really awesome, so yeah lots of shows. There’s been a lot of shows and we can’t remember exactly how many.

You played earlier on today at the festival, how do you think it went?

It was a massively packed room. We couldn’t believe it and it was one in one out which was incredible. We couldn’t have asked for more really.

Damnation’s sold out again this year. Can you think of any reasons why?

It’s just a great festival, isn’t it? It’s grown exponentially over the years and has got better and better with a great calibre of bands playing. It’s very varied as well which is good and books a lot of bands you might not necessarily see at festivals either. It’s a great place for extreme minded people to come and have some fun.

Are there any bands you are looking forward to seeing?

MGLA, Opeth, Mayhem, Voices, Inter Arma and a few others. There’s a lot of good bands on and to be honest we’re hoping to catch most of them. There’s something for everyone to be honest with this year’s lineup.

In recent years, there’s been a resurgence somewhat in the black metal scene. Can you think of any reasons why?

The new Darkthrone and the new Mayhem has been a return to the old style which it seems fans are latching onto and it seems to be causing other bands to breakthrough and become popular. There’s been consistently good albums coming out as well and it seems that bands have found their fire again and the genre seems to be getting big everywhere. Probably with more bands on the circuit and competing against each other is causing the scene to gain more fans and grow.

What are your guys’ plans for the next few months?

We’re touring next weekend and have got a few festival dates lined up for the rest of this year and early next year. We just got confirmed to do HRH Vikings at the end of this month which is going to be good. Our new album will come out early next year and there’ll be a hefty press campaign and tours surrounding that so it’s going to be very busy for us.

Tea or coffee?

Tea, we’re very British on that front.

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