New Band of the Day: Whorion


Thanks to the Whorion guys for dropping me a line and letting me know about their band and upcoming EP. They’re yet another Finnish band, adding one more to the unfairly large number of talented acts that such a sparsely-populated country can claim to have spawned.

They describe their sound as “technical death metal with symphonic atmosphere”. It’s certainly got a “big” sound to it – I’d say orchestral in approach with an edge of prog to the way it’s presented.

All five members have featured in a variety of other acts in the past. The most notable to me is the most recent addition, drummer Heikki Saari, who has spent a spell in Norther. I came across them while couchsurfing in Estonia – my host pointed me in their direction as he knew I liked metal. I was there for two days before getting the ferry to… Finland!

“The Great Mass Suicide” below is the opening track from the 4-song EP entitled Fall of Atlas. The release date is down as January 17th, so you’ve got a few days to give the first track a listen before deciding that you can’t live without hearing the other three.


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