New Band of the Day: Whorion


Thanks to the Whorion guys for dropping me a line and letting me know about their band and upcoming EP. They’re yet another Finnish band, adding one more to the unfairly large number of talented acts that such a sparsely-populated country can claim to have spawned.

They describe their sound as “technical death metal with symphonic atmosphere”. It’s certainly got a “big” sound to it – I’d say orchestral in approach with an edge of prog to the way it’s presented.

All five members have featured in a variety of other acts in the past. The most notable to me is the most recent addition, drummer Heikki Saari, who has spent a spell in Norther. I came across them while couchsurfing in Estonia – my host pointed me in their direction as he knew I liked metal. I was there for two days before getting the ferry to… Finland!

“The Great Mass Suicide” below is the opening track from the 4-song EP entitled Fall of Atlas. The release date is down as January 17th, so you’ve got a few days to give the first track a listen before deciding that you can’t live without hearing the other three.


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March 29, 2015 9:53 AM

[…] Friday April 24th Finnish Symphonic Technical Death Metal band (and former Band of the Day) Whorion will release their debut full length album The Reign of the 7th Sector through the […]