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Interview: Howard Jones of Light The Torch

Light The Torch recently finished up touring with In Flames throughout the UK in support of their latest album Revival. The band then came back less than 2 weeks later on their first headlining UK run under the new band name. Prior to their show in Leeds on the last night of the tour, I caught up with vocalist Howard Jones to discuss both the tour and the band’s future plans.

Given this is the last night of the tour, overall how do you feel the tour has been?

Amazing. It’s one of those thing where you just don’t know what to expect and just go in with no expectations. We were thinking it was going to be fun and it’s been so much more that. All the shows have been really good and the London show we just did… I have no words for that. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I don’t know if I’ve experienced anything like that. There were times my voice didn’t exist in there it was so loud. Genuinely speechless. Our management and label were there and they all agreed that it was “a moment”. I was kind of shell-shocked.

A guest question from Kravassian: What are the strongest three opening songs off any album you’ve listened to?

That’s a detailed question. I’ve never really thought about that. If I had to pick now, I’d say the first three songs off Dirt by Alice In Chains.

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Did you ever think you’d see yourself doing this all these years later?

Heck no! I never imagined this but I have a good work ethic and just go at it. I didn’t expect it to be this but I’m pretty happy about it. I’ve had an interesting life in music and would never have done some amazing things because of it. I put no assumptions on anything and take things as they come.

I gather that you’ve collaborated with Killswitch on their upcoming album.

Yeah, that’s right. It was a super easy process as everything was already laid out. All I had to do was sing which was great for me. I just filled in the blanks! It was fun and easy. It’s a Killswitch song but that’s all I can reveal. It’s a fun little song.

You also ended up on stage with them last year as well?

That was an interesting thing which was not planned at all. I was in London and my management is based there and Jesse asked me if I wanted to do it and I said “Sure. Why not!” My management had no clue and found out when I came on stage. It couldn’t have been in a better place though. The UK is one of my favourite places to play and Killswitch was made in London. I don’t know what it is about there, but this place is amazing and I have to keep coming back.

What are the plans going forward?

Touring seems to be the way things are going at the moment. We’ve a few days off before we hit the states again with Sevendust. We’re getting a few things coming in as well so we’re going to be busy playing shows for the next few months. I’m also going to be slowly starting the demoing process for the band as well. I’ve not told anyone outside the band that yet, but it’s going to be starting soon. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I still love starting with a blank slate and creating something out of nothing. Francesco (guitar) has already been sending me stuff as he’s a monster!

How do you gauge a good sandwich?

How do I gauge a good sandwich… [thinks] Have I devoured it in minutes? Are there any bits left on my fingers? If the answer is that is a small amount of time and very little left on my fingers then it was a good sandwich. A sandwich that meets the needs of the moment is another thing I’d say. I like lots of different things so I can’t narrow it down to one particular type of sandwich.

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