HRH Metal 2019 Interview: Atorc

Atorc opened up the second stage of HRH Metal on the Saturday to a rather packed room full of people enjoying their performance. The day after their performance on the Sunday, I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the guys about their performance and some advice for bands just starting out.

You played HRH Metal yesterday, how did it go?

It was a jam-packed room with a great crowd and a great vibe. We’re a band from Suffolk but a lot of our fans are up here and it was really good.

Are there any bands that you are looking forward to seeing?

We’d like to catch Fury but some of us have to go home due to working tomorrow and won’t be able to see as many as we’d like. Devilment should be good as they’re local to our area and our guitarist bought a guitar off one of their guys a few years ago.

This is the second year the festival has sold out. Can you think of any reasons why?

We are in the home of heavy metal so it kind of goes to show that metal is alive and kicking. Every single one of these is packed with people and having such a variety of metal helps to keep things fresh. There’s a good following and some great bands playing as well with something for everyone.

If you had to pick next year’s headliner, who would you pick?

That is tough. A classic heavy metal or power-metal headliner like Accept or Helloween would be really cool. We’ve been compared to Helloween a few times which I think we are a bit different from. Some more folk metal at this event would be nice, Ensiferum would be a great band to have.

What’s one thing you wish someone told you before you started?

Don’t do it! It is a lot of time and a lot of money to get starting and time off work is a really big issue. Try and have a flexible job which allows for some time off at short notice and be able to drive. Being able to drive is practically necessary these days. Also, be prepared to have a frank conversation about money. The sooner you are comfortable talking about money together, the better.

Tea or coffee?

Half of us are coffee people and some of us are tea. One of us switches but we are primarily a tea and coffee band.

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