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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Interview: Vyl and Obsidian Claw of Keep of Kalessin

Photo by Aoife Le Roux

Photo by Aoife Le Roux

AoifeOur interview takes place on the tour bus, this time talking to the drummer Vyl, and vocalist Obsidian Claw, before they headline at tonight’s show (London, November 2015).

Moshville Times: Last time you were here in the U.K you were playing Incineration Fest, how did you find playing there?

Obsidian Claw: We really enjoyed it had a great time playing live, but we did encounter a problem when we blew a fuse on stage, but in the end we got back on track.

Moshville Times: What was the highlight for you at Incineration Fest?

Obsidian Claw: Time on stage

Moshville Times: What was so good about it?

Vyl: The show was just a great one, and the general London crowd were good too.

Moshville Times: Have you encountered any problems on tour?

Obsidian Claw: We had a breakdown of a windscreen wiper.

MT: I heard about this, it happened in Bergen.

Obsidian Claw: That’s right we were stuck for 5 hours with nothing to drink but water.

Moshville Times: What has to be the funniest moment on tour?

Obsidian Claw: Its always fun, we try to have fun with every opportunity.

MT: Especially on tour where you become a family and you are stuck together for such a long time.

Obsidian Claw: Pretty much, which is why we try and have fun.

Moshville Times: How have the fans reacted to the tour?

Vyl: It has been going pretty well, I can’t really tell because I am sitting behind everyone.

Obsidian Claw: We have seen great crowds, except Exeter, it was our first time playing there so maybe we need to build up a fan-base a little more.

Moshville Times: What are your plans after the tour?

Obsidian Claw: We will continue writing new material and we also have studio plans.

Moshville Times: Sounds great! Now for our last question do you have any messaged for your fans?

Obsidian Claw: Thanks for the support and believing in us. We hope everyone checks out the new album and new stuff will be heading out next year.

Vyl: They will be gems.

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