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Incineration Fest Interview: Woland

Woland - HyperionAoifeThe band originally from Helsinki in Finland, are relative new, and only formed back in 2010, so I caught up with the vocalist W, to discuss how things were going with the band.

What influenced you into forming the band back in 2010?

Long story caught short, I was on our with Mayhem, and I got extremely intoxicated one night, with our guitarist, and I ended up crying to him, telling him that I wanted to do something else, and so we had a discussion and we both decided we wanted to do something a little different, and so here we are.

What bands have influenced your music?

We all listen to a lot of Black Metal classics, everything from Mayhem to Emperor. We wanted to base our music on that so a lot of our music is based on the whole classical Black Metal, but with twists so we don’t really try to copy anyone or reproduce anything from the golden days, but we try to honour them.

How have you enjoyed Incineration Fest so far?

We have not been able to be here for so long, we just flew in this morning and came straight to the venue, and get all of our stuff in, quick sound-check and played our set, and now I am having a beer or two. However we are really, really happy to be here in London and I really hope we get to come here often.

Are there any bands you would like to tour with?

A lot of them are here today actually, and we have so many friends here which is really awesome, because we belong with all this Black Metal and all this stuff, but we really don’t at the same time, but we still know a lot of the guys playing here today, so we feel really comfortable.

What themes are in your music?

I am in charge of the lyrics for the most part, and I really enjoy philosophy from Egypt. We also have a blend of things from philosophy, and to be honest I should really have an hour to explain this. With our albums we use themes based on a range of philosophers, and in the future I think we are going to make an album which is going to based maybe on our own experiences as a band.

Woland: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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