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Incineration Fest Interview: Necrophobic

Necrophobic - DarksideAoifeAfter playing at the ‘Underwold’ at 20:10, I managed to get backstage with band and have a conversation with the frontman Anders Strokirk, which is a huge honour for me, as I have been following the band for years. Our interview begins in a relaxed environment with beer and cigarettes on the go, and here starts an interesting conversation including bullet belts, other bands and even band merch.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, lets start by asking how you feel Incineration Fest went for you?

It went very well, good, awesome in fact, although the venue was very hot!

What are your plans for the future?

We aim to play as much as possible, and we are back in London on December 5th as a headliner. We are also planning on releasing some patches as well

What bands would you love to tour with?

Continue with Necrophobic, and I would love to tour with Autopsy.

How did you get into metal?

Through bands such as Kiss, Iron Maiden and Exodus.

Have you encountered any problems on tour?

We were stopped in Italy and they were looking for our gear, and we all thought it was something to do with the guitar pedals, but it was in fact my bullet belt, they confiscated it and the police were looking through all the bullets, and examining them, which is why (here Anders holds up a studded belt) I am wearing this. The lesson here is don’t go to to Italy with a bullet belt.

What venues do you prefer to play in?

We try and aim for small venues, it makes things so much easier, in big venues you can’t hear the drums properly and it makes it a lot harder to play, but with small venues we don’t have this problem.

Necrophobic: official | facebook

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