Classic Cover (and exclusive premiere!): The New Bardots – “In The Year 2525”

The video “In The Year 2525” is a fast-paced rock new version of the 1969 hit by Zager and Evans, characterized by the distinctive voice of singer Wayne Olivieri and a precious solo of the band’s guitarist Gar Francis (Billy Idol). The video is an accurate editing of iconographic clips by Nickolas Koontz for a concept by Wayne Olivieri, which took more than 40 hours of editing and more than 20 versions to get to this final version.

The story of the members of The New Bardots is incredibly interesting. Formed in 2018 by Gar Francis and Wayne Olivieri. Gar Francis, lead guitarist and songwriter of The Doughboys, former session guitarist of Billy Idol and more recently co-writer and co-producer of Mark Lindsay’s (Paul Revere and the Raiders) album “Life out loud” (Bongo Boy Records 2013). The New Bardots is a quintet filled with a piece of NYC and New Jersey’s rock history. Gar and Wayne, in particular, had played – together and separately – in some of the most important rock clubs of the world such as CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City, China Club and The Stone Pony playing with absolute legends such as Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen (to name just a couple) and sharing the bill with legends such as The Ramones, The Talking Heads, Blondie and Cyndi Lauper.

The return of these energetic and super skilled musicians has been announced as a “Mission to Keep Rock and Roll Alive”, in contrast with the long wave of hip hop, trap and pop that the mainstream has been overloaded with. Gar, Wayne, bass player and producer Dan Skye and drummer Johnnie Rago first released in 2018 their cover of “Great Balls of Fire” (with an entertaining video accompanying it) followed by the new formation’s first LP French Kisses.

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They have now been joined by John Croot on keyboards for their new release.

In 2020 The New Bardots release the EP Already Been Chewed (A Return to Bubblegum) through Bongo Boy Records/CD Baby and the single “If Santa Claus Were President” with I Cuochi Music Company/ Believe Digital. I Cuochi Music Company is The New Bardots’ new label.

Wayne Olivieri (singer) tells us more about why they picked this song:

It was Gar’s idea, but I personally loved the idea of that song and I’m sure Gar agrees, because of all the strange things going on with Covid, lockdowns and the arising conspiracy theories about the global elites’ reset of humanity. The fear that has been instilled into the minds of people. In the US we don’t know what is truth and what is lies, it’s like a total takeover of the mainstream media to instill confusion and doubt. The world seems to be getting more controlled than ever before, freedom of speech is getting more suppressed than ever before.

We wanted to express our distress without being judged as a political point of view. This song was so in tune with today’s future we all agreed to cover it. The video is a concept to show a direction it seems mankind is heading….. a futuristic look into a submissive reality.

For us this song covers many things that mankind has done or neglected. Including mishandling Mother Earth.

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