Band of the Day: Redwire

Redwire logo 192Apologies to those who’ve got in touch regarding Band of the Day and found themselves waiting ages to be featured. Redwire are one of those acts who got in touch some time ago and I’m only just getting the chance to draft something up about them. I better make it good, then…

Redwire hail from London and play “hard rock”. A quick listen to their EP puts them in the Darkness area musically, with an overall vocal-driven sound and simple riffs and beats. They have a slightly dirty edge to their tone which works well – a little rough, but in a good way… punky.

For a band which only formed a year ago, they’ve done well. Touring the London circuit to build up the live skills and releasing an EP in such a short timescale is no mean feat. From that EP, I’d probably pick “Run Down Town” as my favourite. Nicely off-kilter with a good bit of variety and a bouncy bridge/chorus – and that “clap your hands in the air” segment towards the end makes this great live show fodder.

Their current release can be picked up from a wealth of places online and I have it from the band themslves that they’re planning on touring a lot next year, culminating in a single and video release later in the year. We will, of course, see how things are going with them then!

In the meantime, check out the track below and and their other stuff online. Oh, and here’s the next couple of live shows:

  • 22nd Oct 2015, 21:00 Belushi’s Camden, 48-50 Camden High Street
  • 31st Oct 2015, 19:50 The Gunners pub, 204 Blackstock Rd, London N5 1EN
  • 5th Nov 2015, The Dog and Whistle, 112 Fore Street, SG141AB Hertford, SG14

Redwire: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | reverbnation | soundcloud | youtube

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