Band of the Day: One In The Chamber

If you’re in the mood for some scuzzy, meaty rock that manages to be rough in all the right places, then look no further than One In The Chamber, a Canadian quartet capable of providing riffs so wickedly groovy, you would have to be deaf not to want to sway along to. The Toronto-based group have recently released their debut single “Bills To Pay”, with a music video rolling out alongside it, both of which manage to effortlessly ooze a feeling of coolness and style. The single has come from the as-yet untitled forthcoming EP and, if “Bills To Pay” is anything to go by, fans are certainly in for a treat when the release eventually drops.

One In The Chamber certainly know how to make an entrance, with the song opening on a distorted guitar solo, which manages to sound quick and to the point. The riff repeats itself twice alone before being accompanied by a subdued drumbeat and bass line so low, you’ll feel it ripple through your body. Following this, vocalist Mike Biase enters the fray, his voice managing to sound both gruff and entirely clean at the same time.

When all of this is combined, there is a classic rock vibe created; not simply an imitation of that which has come before, but a re-imagining. The band’s own version of hard rock adopts elements and characteristics traditional to the genre, yet manages to incorporate a slightly southern style too, something akin to that of Pantera. Subtle, yet noticeable enough to make an impact.

With the release of only one single, One In The Chamber have already managed to make a dramatic entrance into the contemporary rock scene. Here’s hoping that they can keep up the pace and bring some more devilishly delightful rock to our ears soon.

“Bills To Pay” is out now and is available to listen to via Spotify or Apple Music.

One In The Chamber: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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