Band of the Day: Unqualified Nurse Band

When you get down to it, a band releasing an album can kind of suck. While you might be thinking that I am more than a little insane for saying such a thing, think about it this way: with an album, you get all of a band’s new songs in one lump, meaning that the sweetness can be short-lived and over as quickly as it begun. This is where Derby-based rock trio Unqualified Nurse Band have acted against the tide of normality, deciding to release each of the songs from their new album UNB3 individually across the year. This means that listeners will constantly be anticipating what the next track will sound like, with the band creating a curiosity which will only be satisfied by fans keeping up to date with their every release.

The second track, “Somebody Says”, has finally dropped one month after the first track, and it has surely been worth the wait. Sounding as if it was lifted directly from the psychedelic sixties, “Somebody Says” is a trippy, groovy, roguish rock track that needs to listened to to be fully understood. A stark contrast to the previous track, “Spit and Howl”, which thundered along at a furious pace.

This difference in musical characteristics between the two tracks ultimately informs listeners that UNB3 will be full of countering, different styles, a way for the band to both explore and strengthen their abilities as a group. Could UNB3 be an album where each track differs from the last? Or will there be a theme to the album which is as yet unclear to everyone bar Unqualified Nurse Band themselves? We are, of course, in the dark and can only speculate. So far, we have been given two vastly differing tracks, both of which deliver of the quality. From this alone, I’m already salivating at what’s to come next.

Somebody Says is out now and is available here.

Unqualified Nurse Band: official | facebook | bandcamp | youtube

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