Band of the Day: A Sudden Burst of Colour

In the hands of truly talented musicians, an instrumental piece of music can say more than any singer or lyricist could ever be capable of. Such is the case with A Sudden Burst of Colour, an instrumental post-rock band from Motherwell, who have recently released their new single “I Am The Storm”. The quartet have played together since as far back as 2013, and already have an impressive discography to their name, with three EPs to boast of.

“I Am The Storm” subjects its listeners to a vast array of emotions and styles, appearing as both melancholic and happy, haunting, yet comforting at the same time. At times, the track can feel as if it is a million miles long; a vast soundscape filled with long, delicate-sounding guitar riffs, laden with reverb, accompanied only by the occasional drumbeat. This leaves you feeling bizarrely isolated and lonely, as if you were standing in an abandoned city, with faint music coming from an unknown source.

This is countered almost immediately, however, with the band picking up the pace, throwing fast riffs, bass notes which thunder quickly beneath the track, and more drums at you. This is all tied together in a semi-chaotic style, with melodies and harmonies coming at you from all angles, yet does not present itself as untidy or messy. There is a knowledge within the listener that every single note within “I Am The Storm” is expertly placed with loving precision, and that everything that happens within the track has a purpose.

A Sudden Burst of Colour enter 2018 with a brilliantly unconventional piece of music, one which is not to be carelessly heard, but carefully listened to. Allow yourself the luxury of a few minutes of doing nothing while listening to I Am The Storm, and you will soon find yourself on a musical journey, one which you will not soon regret.

“I Am The Storm” is out now and available to download via bandcamp.

A Sudden Burst of Colour: officialfacebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp | youtube

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