Band of the Day: Death Remains

Metalcore, the melodic younger brother of death metal, has gone from strength to strength since the genre’s inception in the early noughties, becoming a staple of heavy metal and the reason many younger fans got in to the wider metal scene. Today’s Band of the Day, Death Remains, follow in the footsteps of those metalcore giants before them, and deliver a crushingly heavy sound while still maintaining their individuality by infusing their own unique style.

The London-based quintet recently released their second album, Destroy / Rebuild, which if you’re a fan of deep, crunchy breakdowns and groovy-sounding guitar riffs, then you’re in for a treat.

The lead single from Destroy / Rebuild, “Hardships”, begins with drummer Spencer Finn slamming down on the drums with a force so hard that your eardrums might just pop. This lays the groundwork for the song, signalling immediately that “Hardships” is only going to get heavier as it goes on, something which is confirmed almost immediately by guitarists Marc Yacas and Eljay Lambert.

Their dueling guitar riffs go on to create a wall of sound; an overwhelming attack on the listener which you can’t help but let wash over you. From this, you’re able to fully appreciate how brilliantly each member of Death Remains meld so well together, which only goes to heighten the feeling of being entirely encapsulated by the band’s technical and musical prowess.

If you like the sound of Death Remains and want to check them out (which you should do), then make sure to catch them on one of their upcoming tour dates:

  • 03.05 Bridgwater – Cobblestones w/ Bleed Again
  • 04.05 Banbury – The Wheatsheaf w/ Bleed Again
  • 05.05 Ashford – The Attic w/ Bleed Again
  • 06.05 Mammothfest All Dayer – Brighton – The Arch w/ Brutality Will Prevail and Raging Speedhorn
  • 11.05 Hellfest Warm Up Ride – London – New Cross Inn w/ Loathe
  • 12.05 Ebbw Vale – Evi Arts Centre w/ Loathe
  • 26.05 Stoke – The Underground w/ Martyr Defiled
  • 27.05 Huddersfield – The Parish w/ Martyr Defiled
  • 27.05 Wigan – The Boulevard w/ Martyr Defiled

Destroy / Rebuild is out now and you can get a copy for yourself here.

Death Remains: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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