Band of the Day: Ayron Jones and the Way

During the 90s’, Seattle exploded with a sound that many since have tried to recreate, but failed. The grunge era was special, it was unique and it blew minds as far as the world could see. Seattle created a society of people who believed they were alone.

Many years later, some bands are still about, some have moved on, but the Seattle sound, the Seattle movement is still here, it just comes in a different vessel. I personally got to see this in a trip to Seattle, my personal Mecca, in 2015. One name kept being shouted around the block, the new face of the Seattle movement – Ayron Jones.

This cat was spotted by none other than the man who likes big butts, Sir-Mix-A-Lot. He took Ayron Jones and the Way into his studio to record their debut album, Dream.

Ayron’s guitar playing is exceptional. Rough vocals move to a ballad, showing adaptability with an exceptional skillset on the mic and guitar. He can hold a note, like Bruno Mars. He can rock out like Hendrix. The band can take this world on.

On Dream, the track that caught my attention was “Baptized in Muddy Waters”, a beautiful rock fuelled track that has the tone of history. This three piece I recommend getting your eyes and ears on. The sad news is that AJ&tW have not yet ventured to our shores… but one day, one day they will.

Ayron Jones and the Way: official | twitter | instagram


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