Band of the Day: Down and Outlaws

Down and Outlaws - Above SnakesDown & Outlaws dropped me their new album a couple of days ago and I’m struggling for time to give it the review it deserves, so I thought the best idea was to just tell you about them and get you to see it out yourselves.

The band are from San Francisco, surprisingly not an area we hear much about these days compared to others. They bill themselves simply as “rock and roll” and Above Snakes (released yesterday) proves that they know how to do both. Hell, two of the songs even have “Roll” in the title. There’s also a “Stone” even though there’s no “rock”. Close, though.

Their sound takes you straight back to the 1970’s with Jefferson Airplane being the first band that sprang to mind when I played the opening song (“Roll That Stone”). Slow, but not heavy; downbeat but not depressing. Shrieking hugely distorted guitars and pounding rhythm, this is a band who’ve taken what made early rock music great and have carried it into the modern era. The beauty of their music is in its raw simplicity.

Look, I’m not going to go on any more. The album’s streamable below (courtesy of their soundcloud page). Listen, love and then buy it.

Down and Outlaws: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud

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