Band of the Day: The Irontown Diehards

This Belfast quad are brimming with swagger and sophistication. They carry themselves with a somehow classy and justified confidence – immediately bringing TV success Peaky Blinders to mind. When it comes to the music it certainly lives up to the image.

irontown-diehards-192Formed in 2014 the band have a self-titled first album which covers a broad and masterful cross-section of meaty hard rock. We can hear a multitude of sub-genres within which showcase some soaring riffs, powerful vocals, thrashing drums and mature lyrics.

Phil Dixon has a voice you feel you’ve heard somewhere before, but that’s no bad thing. I’d be happy to hear plenty more of it. Lead guitarist Andrew Baxter weaves his spiralling solos through the songs and pops in some tasty moments of slide guitar too. Bassist Mark McCallion brings us more than just a rhythm section, often playing bass like a lead instrument. The band have also in the last few days just announced a change of drummer with Eamon ‘Lenny’ Lenehan now joining them.

Give the current album a listen and look out for the next one coming soon, these guys have certainly got a long and happy future ahead of them.

The Irontown Diehards: official | facebook | twitteryoutube | spotify

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