Band of the Day: Kill All The Gentlemen

Kill All The Gentleman - The Faustian DelusionSpewing forth from Devon, Kill All the Gentlemen formed three years ago, have released a self-titled EP and won their regional M2TM competition to claim a slot at Bloodstock 2014.

For a band with only one release under their belts, they have a very mature sound which claims influence from the likes of Trivium, Machine Head and Cradle of Filth. The four-piece have a second EP forthcoming, The Faustian Delusion, which is due out on January 14th, 2016. One of the tracks – I know not which! – will precede the EP as a single on December 1st.

It’s a 5-track release including a short intro number. As with many bands releasing EPs this size, they’ve tried their best to show the range of their talents across the songs present and they’ve done a damn good job. “At Your Peril” just bounds in with no warning and thrashes relentlessly. At its slowest point, it’s sore neck time. At it’s fastest, it’s pandemonium.

Contrast that with the 7+ minute “Raped By Ghosts” with its haunting, low-picked intro and you have what are probably the most “different” of the songs on here. However, don’t think this track is a ballad in any sense. It just starts slowly to make you feel safe and secure. Then it rips your face off. There are some nice, slow, evil moments buried within it too.

“Eritis Sicut Deus” begins like “At Your Peril” but includes an unusual break partway through with a simple, down-tuned riff, harsh vocals and a nice guitar solo at the end. I’d actually say this section touched on some of the post-metal sounds I’ve heard from younger acts.

“Colder” goes for the slow, heavy, crush your head feel around the thrashier segments and completes the quartet of “actual” tracks. With a great stomping run as the track closes, it’s a solid way to end the album though it’s unusual to hear music fade out these days as this song does. Mind you, make sure you’re not in a dark room with headphones on as the final seconds play…

Kill All The Gentlemen are deservedly excited about this release and have a party planned for the launch. It’s at the Cavern in Exeter on January 14th, and entry is a bargain £4 on the door. They’re also on the list for next year’s Breaking Bands 2016 festival in Bromsgrove.

Header image by GCD Photography and taken from the band’s facebook page.

Kill All The Gentlemen: facebook | youtube

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