Band of the Day: He Comes Later

He Comes Later - Adam The DecayHe Comes Later is a deathcore band from Bologna, Italy. From listening to them, they’re very much more “death” than “core” and the best evidence is the form of their new EP, Adam: The Decay. They’ve very kindly put the whole thing up on YouTube and bandcamp for you to listen to before you buy it.

Started in 2009, the band played more mainline thrash along the lines of Metallica and Pantera. As time went on, they explored their influences more and veered down the death route with their style settling into the deathcore genre. Citing influences like Parkway Drive and As I Lay Dying, the band have put their own twist on this genre and created a collection of remarkably dark tracks.

Vocals fit into three styles and come courtesy of two singers in the band. There’s harsh, death growl and melodic. These intertwine and overlay in an interesting way, giving an interesting overall sound.

The EP is embedded below and it’s only €7 for a CD copy from their online store. Bargain!

He Comes Later: facebook | youtube | bandcamp | bigcartel

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