Band of the Day: Go Primitive

Go Primitive - 100 WaysGo Primitive come from the city that gave birth to the puzzlingly popular sport of Rugby. For those who are still in weekend mode on this Monday afternoon, that means they come from… erm… Rugby. With me so far? Good.

With a sound that blends heavy, thunderous drumbeats and tight guitars with soaring vocals, they’re a band that’s very easy to listen to. Fitting into the rather voluminous category of “alternative rock” they’ve been chosen to support such well-known acts as Mallory Knox, We Are The Ocean, The Subways, Lonely The Brave, Hawthorne Heights, and Yashin so you may have caught them out on the road already.

They recently released their new 5-track EP 100 Ways and it’s a nice introductory collection. Opened “Breathe In, Bleed Out” is a quality rock song which simply unleashes the beast upon you. Scroll down to check it out.

“In a Band” is a little more understated in terms of The Heavy, but is another in a long line of songs written by bands about being in a band (which, even with Monday battering you down shouldn’t come as a surprise given the title). However, I actually like the message of this one – “We don’t need to be rock stars”.

Going for the lighter, more bouncy approach with thunderous bridge and chorus is “The Sun Will Rise”. This one really catches you unawares, then grabs you – if the crowd at a gig isn’t bouncing about by the three-quarters mark, then they don’t deserve to be there.

The tempo is raised again for “Save Your Self” with shifting rhythms before racing headlong into an angst-ridden and catchy chorus. Closer “Get What You Pay For” is the track which shows the band’s real desire not to be pigeon-holed. Near ballad in terms of attitude until the chorus kicks in at which point heads will bang.

A short and sweet bunch of tracks and enough to give a very favourable taste of this upcoming band.

Go Primitive: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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