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Spontane - MojraSome things are worth the effort. Like when Spontane got in touch to ask me to listen to their latest release – and first full album – Mojra. It took some fun with Google Translate (the band and the site they use to host their promo are both Polish), a bit of computery know-how and a lot of patience, but eventually I had a copy of the album to spin.

Worth it.

Spontane have been together since 2003 and released three EPs before Mojra came out in 2014. I’d describe them as heavy metal, but with a mild hardcore/punk edge. Very mild. And maybe a bit of groove in there as well. Certainly, they manage to be both heavy and melodic with a good knack for getting the head bobbing and the fists pumping with some very angry, shouty refrains.

Other than the fact that they’re a 2-vocalist six-piece (though there are only five of them on the promo shots), I can’t tell you much else about them as all the background material is in a language in which I am not educated, so I’m letting the music speak for itself.

The band have stuck with their native tongue for all the songs on Mojra which is a shame as I have feeling they’ve got something interesting to say. Certainly they know how to say it! The twin vocals work very well, and don’t follow the usual “one harsh, one melodic” pattern. Indeed, both are quite similar which means they harmonise well in addition to playing off one another.

The riffs and beats are simple and crunching. As I said earlier, it’s definitely “heavy” metals. Noisy without being noise. The best way to get a feel is to have a listen, so I’ve embedded one of their videos below. Check them out and, if you speak Polish, say “hello” from us here!

Spontane: facebook | youtube (1) | youtube (2) | bandcamp

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