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When Mosh receives promo materials for reviews by new bands there’s always the odd name that really jumps out at Deathblow - The Other Side of Darkness EP cover 192me. Salt Lake City, Utah’s Deathblow was one such name. It has something of a ring to it – like the band’s music could cause death by blowing up your speakers. It’s a cool name, especially when there are a lot of bands out there these days that, in my opinion, have some pretty daft names but Deathblow to me are different.

What’s even better is that Deathblow is a new up-and-coming thrash band with a bit of a deathly edge to their sound here and there – a band that’s definitely up my street! Upon listening to the material in question, their upcoming 5-track EP The Other Side of Darkness, I was instantly hooked straight from the opening of the first track “Beyond Obsession”. The music is straight up hard and heavy aggression with relentless speed and endless energy. The entire EP refuses to let up and Deathblow is definitely a band to invoke a mental mosh pit at any gig. The music, to me, is reminiscent of a band like Demolition Hammer in terms of pure speed and aggression. However the band has more to offer in their mix of thrashing mania. There are melodic elements here and there such as in the middle of the title track to The Other Side of Darkness as well as pure thrashing punk riffing on tracks like “Headless Throne” (which also showcases the band’s more melodic side in the intro and outro riffs). There’s even blastbeats in places which further amps up the aggression.

Speaking of the punk/crossover side to Deathblow’s sound, the vocalist seems to be going for a more punk inspired approached with a more shouted vocal style as opposed to screams or growls. In fact his voice, and the more crossover style riffing in places reminds me a little of Municipal Waste. When I think about it, the band’s sound could be considered a somewhere in between bands like Warbringer and Municipal Waste (though leaning more towards the more varied extremity of Warbinger) which I think is awesome. Deathblow’s music hasn’t failed to get my head banging so far and that’s always a good sign!

Deathblow band photo 2014 192Though they’ve not been around for long (formed in 2008 as a cover band with their name spelled as “Dethblo” before becoming who they are today in 2012), Deathblow have also had a full length, Prognosis Negative, which preceded The Other Side of Darkness in January of last year. Admittedly I haven’t heard it yet but you can be sure I will check it out and I’m confident it’ll be a great listen. I think anyone who loves their pounding, energetic and aggressive thrash will love Deathblow and I think they deserve to start rising through the ranks and start making waves all over. Their music top quality modern thrash metal with plenty of variety in their sound yet uncompromisingly in-your-face that’s sure to get heads banging and mosh pits raging. You can bet that if Deathblow find themselves in Scotland, I’ll be there and if they’re at a festival I might be attending, I’ll definitely be there wrecking my neck.

Check Deathblow out and see what you think and if you like what you here, buy their records. Prognosis Negative is available right now via the band’s Bandcamp page (band merchandise is also available there), and The Other Side of Darkness is available in two days on the 21st of April. If you like your thrash metal aggressive, fast and heavy, you’ll love Deathblow.

Photo Credits: Deathblow official Facebook page

Links: facebook | bandcamp

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