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Crejuvent - Pretty Demos

[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Crejuvent is a one-man extreme metal project based in… erm… I don’t know (born in Italy, moved to the UK via the Netherlands…). Actually, the project itself is fairly informal. As sole member Federico (Freddy) details, it’s the result of having a couple of songs kicking about that he wanted to do something with.

So, he re-recorded them, came up with another two and shoved them on the internet under the name Pretty Demos. They’re anything but pretty… and I mean that in a good way. Typically angry and face-shreddingly fast as you’d expect from this genre, but not too much so. For me, this is a bonus as I often find the more extreme ends of the extreme spectrum to be too… erm… dare I say “extreme”? Pretty Demos sits closer to a classic metal/thrash tone (nice and meaty), but with a slightly more evil edge.

It’s fairly obvious which tracks were dreamed up first as the style differs between the first and last two songs, or at least to my ears it does! Throughout, though, there are plenty of original twists, experimental elements and decent riffs. I suppose the benefit of being a one-man act is that you have complete creative control and nobody telling you “that doesn’t work, try this” so you just shove everything in. Sometimes that pays off – and to Freddy’s credit there’s not an instance of “oops” on this small collection.

For a home-made title, the production is pretty good as well. Like I said, nice and meaty with some good bass in the mix which really shakes the headphones (I have my young son sleeping in my room at the moment so I’m not testing out the speakers!), but during the quieter segments each note rings wonderfully clear.

The tracks are available on bandcamp for “name your price” and I’d honestly sling him the price of a pint for these four little gems.

Crejuvent: facebook | bandcamp | soundcloud | youtube

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