Band of the Day: Bentley Park

Bentley Park - InnocenceSpreading the genre wings wide today, I’ve picked a band who’ve just popped their debut EP on soundcloud as a free stream ahead of its full commercial release. Bentley Park may well appeal to the emo brigade looking for something else to hook onto after the demise of My Chemical Romance (and, for the record, I really liked MCR), though they’re definitely not trying to rip that band off.

Instead, Bentley Park have taken the dark overtones of emo and taken it a stage heavier into the post hardcore arena. This extra dimension stops them being lumped in with other band of this ilk, while still making them accessible to fans of a slightly lighter (musically, not subject matter) genre.

Formed in 2011 from a desire to break out of the generic pop punk rut that they had found their previous band stuck in, the fresh-faced five piece instead turned their hand to something heavier with the forthcoming Innocence EP, mixed by Dan Korneff (My Chemical Romance, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Paramore) and featuring a guest appearance on one track from Sam Graves (With One Last Breath).

The EP is officially released tomorrow (21st April), though click on the soundcloud link below to hear it in full. Or watch the video with the hot alt-model in it. Either/or.

Track list:

  1. Blood Ties
  2. No Hope For The Hopeless
  3. Dear Luscious
  4. Sly//ther
  5. All The Fists In The World Won’t Save You Now
  6. [In] No Sence
  7. Nil To The Fools, One To The Thieves feat. Sam Graves (With One Last Breath)

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