Band of the Day: Trapped in Autumn

Trapped in Autumn - Entity

[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Trapped in Autumn hail from Greater Manchester. They’re a female-fronted alternative rock band who recently (October last year) released their second, self-financed EP. Which they let me know about a couple of weeks after. And it’s taken me until now to mention it.

Such is the busy life here at Moshville Times!

Anyway, Entity consists of four tracks of very easy to get into rock music. Production isn’t half bad and the songs are catchy and emotive. Generally quite upbeat, each track manages to be driving and foot-tappy, though different enough to each other not to be samey.

The odd one out, certainly in its opening, is the final track “Souls”. A little experimental in approach, it’s all the better for it and – in my opinion – the strongest track on the EP. Sometimes those little risks are worth taking.

The EP’s available on Bandcamp for free or, preferably, a generous donation of your own choosing. Remember, bands like these are the next generation and hopefully who far more people will be listening to in years to come. Give ’em your support.

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