Band of the Day: SuddenFlames

SuddenFlames - Under the Sign of the AllianceA band whose material I’ve had kicking about for some time, but who I only really got around to listening to recently at Ontario’s SuddenFlames. Along with some other new (to me) bands, I’ve got them on my phone and they randomly popped up on the way to work the other day.

The band have been together since 2001, formed by front-man Jean-Robert Letarte and bassist Pascal Lacombe. After a couple of line-up changes, the band released Death Might Be Late in 2011. The same band recorded this year’s follow-up which is a hell of a strong release.

The album I’ve had a chance to listen to is their most recent, Under the Sign of the Alliance, which came out in June. It’s a quality mix of classic and power metal with a definite military feel to the lyrics. Tracks like “Pilgrims of Steel” which opens with a flurry, but leads into neater, driving riffs and rhythms; “Freedom” with it’s blistering solos; and “Tormented Mind” which is reminiscent of any of Iron Maiden’s better slow tracks.

I’d definitely give them a listen if you fancy something that’s kind of a Maiden/DragonForce crossover.

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