Band of the Day: Saarnastuoli

Saarnastuoli 192An interesting story, this one. Saarnastuoli were originally formed in Finland in the early 199o’s. They lasted a couple of years, produced a demo cassette of fairly low quality and split up in 1993.

The four tracks were what we’d probably now class as stoner metal, maybe a little sludgey. In other words, somewhat ahead of their time.

Many years later, two of the members met up at a Saint Vitus gig and got talking. Times had moved on, families had appeared in the equation and nothing much else happened until recently…

Over two sessions, what remains of the band recorded four songs – I think the same ones from back in the 90’s but with far better production – and released them on Soundcloud for all to hear. I’m rather glad they did as they’re good. They’re also accompanied by some wonderfully 90’s-style photos of the band!

Links and sample below. If you like your stiff slow and heavy then it’ll be worth your time!

official | facebook | spotify | soundcloud

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