Band of the Day: Terratomorf

Terratomorf - Ya LegendaKostya at GlobMetal sent me a mail a while back with a few of the bands on their books and I’ve finally got round to having a listen to some of them. It’s an eclectic mix, but I quickly settled on Terratomorf to kick off with.

I can’t give you much more info than Kostya sent me as the band’s facebook and official pages are both in Russian, which tallies with the songs which all have lyrics in their mother tongue.

So, in brief: The band was formed in 2013, mainly by ex-members of another band, Byzantium. They parted ways with their vocalist, split and reformed as Tarratomorf then found a new vocalist.

They played their first gig in June last year, released their debut EP Ya Legenda (“I Am Legend”) in January 2014 and only a couple of weeks ago found themselves opening for W.A.S.P. in Moscow.

Their style is fairly classic metal with a power edge to it, and it’s damn good. Hard to sing along to with the vocals, but that didn’t stop thousands learning to pronounce German courtesy of Rammstein.

The five-track EP genuinely doesn’t have a bad track on it, and certainly deserves a listen. Music you can both march and mosh to.

official | facebook | youtube | | reverbnation

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