365… and counting?

party_pinguin_ocalI’ve hit the target I set myself – a whole year with one “(New) Band of the Day” post per day. Heck, you even got an extra one because I buggered up and featured the same band twice, so I added another to cover for it.

I am in no way short of bands to use for future posts, believe me! And I intend to continue with it as it was the main reason for starting this site – giving bands that people might not have heard of a bit of exposure.

I’ve covered one-man acts self-releasing via Bandcamp. I’ve done established bands with a handful of albums out, but who I simply hadn’t heard of myself. Bands releasing their first album on a label. Band with two demos who play gigs for fun.

It’s really enjoyable listening to all this new stuff and getting messages back from the bands themselves or people telling me that they’re enjoying this music they’d not have discovered otherwise. So enjoyable that I’ll definitely be continuing it.

However, I will be toning it down a bit. As I’ve said before, I’m pretty much a one-man-band (with a bit of help received gratefully when I can get it!), with a part-time job and three kids to worry about as well. I’m getting other stuff to cover on the site, such as interviews and gig reviews, and I’m honestly turning down more than I’m doing simply due to time restraints.

So to try and round things out, you might not see a New Band every day. I’ll try to maintain 4-5 a week, and please – if you want your band featured then get in touch. You’ll go on the list with everyone else and I’ll get to you. One day! The list is currently around 20-ish bands who’ve requested and well over 100 from labels, promotional companies, Twitter follows and ones I’ve just come across.

If you don’t get featured, or don’t get featured quickly, don’t take is as meaning I don’t like your stuff (although very, very rarely I get something that’s just not suitable for the page). I pick more or less at random for each article – you just need to sacrifice more chickens or something to improve your luck! [note: don’t actually sacrifice chickens]

Thanks to all the bands who’ve requested over the last year, to the labels/agencies who’ve sent me stuff and to everyone else for reading. Great to have you all along for the ride!

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