Band of the Day: Brood of Hatred

Brood of Hatred - Skinless AgonyTunisia, North Africa. Where we’re going on holiday later this year and also home to the first band from that country which I’ve covered, Brood of Hatred.

They’re a death metal band brought together in 2010 by Mohamed Melki. The band started as a one-man project, but after the recording of a debut EP (New Order of Intelligence), the band took shape as new members joined in and the final lineup was set.

The band line-up now is:

  • Muhammed Mêlki – Vocals & Bass
  • Muhammed Bouchir – Guitar
  • Melik Melek Khelifa – Guitar
  • Hazem Jaziri – Drums

Their debut album, Skinless Agony, comes out on March 10th and it is good, I promise you. The title track is down the bottom so you can give that a listen. The rest of the album holds up to that standard.

If you can’t wait to hear it all, then you can pre-order the album as of today (Feb 10th) via Criminal Records’ site.

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