New Band of the Day: Conquest of Steel

Conquest of Steel logoA gleam of steely light shines from the utter blackness that is Bradford, and holding that shimmering sword aloft are the five warriors of Conquest of Steel. Purveyors of the finest metal, rockers of the maddest gigs and quaffers of… well, whatever they can get their hands on, Conquest have been on the go since the turn of the century. They’ve released five EPs, a 7″ single and four albums. The most recent of these, Of Fire & Steel, started pounding heads in December 2013.

For a self-financed band, they’ve done well. A couple of tours with bands you’ll definitely have heard of and slots at festivals such as Bloodstock does good things for their pedigree. They live up to their claims of playing nowt but “proper metal” as well. No widdly melodies, no atmospheric keyboard and lots of hair.

Plenty of stuff online to give you a taster with as well, so enjoy “Only The Devil Can Stop Us Now”.

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March 20, 2014 2:00 PM

[…] of Steel were a Band of the Day fairly recently and their material is worth a listen. Links down the bottom as […]