New Band of the Day: Kraptor


Fancy some thrash metal? Then Venezuela‘s Kraptor could be just the thing for you. They were founded in 2007 by vocalist and guitarist Philip “Phill” Alvarez and drummer Jessy Jaimes in the city of San Cristobal. Guitarist Angel Moreno and Edward Cañizares on bass make up the other half of the band.

Their style is definitely thrash. Pure, simple and old school. No tweeks, changes or attempts to come up with a new sub-genre. Just lovely fast riffs, pounding beats and sneering vocals.

Over the last couple of years, Kraptor have released an EP, a full album and a split album. Material from all three is available online, but they seem to be focussing on the full album as far as downloads are concerned.

In my opinion, they sound more like Sodom than any other of the more famous thrash acts, and that’s an obvious and deserved compliment. Enjoy the track below and check out their links for more stuff. And, hey, if you’re even in Venezuela and catch them live send me a gig review!

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