New Band of the Day: Voyag3r

Voyag3r - Victory in the Battle Chamber
Voyag3r – Victory in the Battle Chamber

First thing – the name is pronounced “Voyager 3”.

Second thing – synth rock.

Yup, another slightly sideways step today to encompass something different within the great world that is rock. Their press release states that they have “influences soaked in 70’s & 80’s sci-fi/horror/action adventure films”. It’s absolutely right.

Their debut release, a two-song single, kicks off with a track that – at the start – reminds me of Flash. It’s a good indicator of what’s to come.

Back when I was a kid (and I’m talking thirty years or so ago), I had an album by Neil Norman and his Cosmic Orchestra. It was covers of sci-fi themes by an orchestra with a heavy electronic leaning and I played the tape (yes kids, tape – ask your (grand)parents) to death. It wore out. I can still picture the cover – it was called Galaxy Gold.

Voyag3r remind me of that kind of sound. If you’re into John Carpenter‘s self-produced soundtracks, or other music of that ilk and era then check them out. They’re not the kind of act that’s commonplace on these pages, but the great thing about rock music is the number of different paths it can take.

This is good music. Maybe I’m swayed as it brings back great memories, but give it a listen if it’s not something you’ve heard before. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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