Shining (NOR) do a one-take “live” video

Shining (from Norway)
Shining (from Norway)

To “celebrate” the location of their recording studio being torn down to make way for some flates, Norway’s Shining decided to record a live video. It was shot in one continuous take by Norwegian National TV using one video camera, two mics to record the band and one mic to record the vocals. No video or audio editing whatsoever has been done: what you see and hear is exactly how it was played the day the video was shot!

Here’s what Shining mainman Jørgen Munkeby had to say about it:

The reason we chose this location is that these are the buildings where Shining’s studio and rehearsal rooms have been for the last 7 years. As you see, it’s all about to be torn down and/or converted into apartments, just like they do all over the city [Oslo] now, since investors earn much more money on building apartments than preserving cool buildings with arts and music.

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