New Band of the Day: Suffer The Wrath

Suffer the Wrath - Divine Sign
Suffer the Wrath – Divine Sign

I got some details about a forthcoming EP release from this bunch and immediately thought “NBotD material”. Anyone who plays gigs in silly costumes grabs my attention and these mentalists have some awesome scary armour stuff going on.

They also have silly names. I give you Lord Payne on vocals, Sinister twanging guitar strings, Wretchlok the Destructor belting out the bass line and Drakon keeping things in time on the Drums.

Divine Sign is the band’s third EP, though they’re apparently in the studio around now working on their first full length album which is due for release in 2014. Their style is easily summed up as pretty standard death metal. In freaking awesome spiky armour.

Seriously, I thought the costumes were just for the promo shots, but the video below shows that they do actually wear them.

Divine Sign is out on November 1st (possibly earlier) and you can get it from bigcartel via that clicky link just before the text you’re reading right now. Back there. About sixteen words ago. That’s it. You know you want to. It’s only $5.

For the cash you get four tracks of staccato deathy goodness. This isn’t the kind of doomy death that has miserable long-haired genre fanatics nodding their heads gently in time to the slow beats. This is the fast shit that just screams “start a pit – I don’t care if you’re in your living room with you grandparents and listening on headphones, get up and mosh like your life depends on it.”

facebook | youtube | bandcamp | myspace

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