New Band of the Day: Regiment 7

Regiment 7 (photo by Fraser Band
Regiment 7 (photo by Fraser Band

Blasting their way out of the tri-city area of Blairgowrie/Dundee/Perth in Scotland come Regiment 7, a bunch of young musicians playing some quality traditional rock/metal.

I was pointed in their direction by a work colleague who said they’re “sort of like Iron Maiden – that kind of sound”. I’d say they’re a little slower and heavier, but it’s around that area. Certainly not mad death metal or intense thrash.

What they are is good. I’m sat here listening to the tracks they’ve put online via their official site and I’m impressed. According to their facefart page they’re rehearsing with a view to recording their debut album soon.

Currently unsigned, keep an eye out for them and give them your support if they appeal. With luck I’ll be plugging their album for them in coming months!

Official Page | facebook | twitter | ReverbNation | YouTube


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