New Band of the Day: Effloresce


Back to a more traditional sub-genre with today’s band, Effloresce. They play progressive metal, come from Nürnberg (Nuremburg to non-natives) and are currently missing a bassist.

Around since 2008 and with a debut EP released in 2009, Effloresce make use of a wide range of vocal styles, all courtesy of Nicki who also adds a flute to the mix. Other than that, the instruments are traditional rock/metal.

As with most progressive tunes, there’s a wide variety of tempo changes suiting the mood of the piece. Overall, they tend to have quite an upbeat sound with plenty of atmospheric jaunts to stop things getting tedious. Thing is, they manage to sound upbeat even when they’re sounding heavy. It’s quite impressive.

More info on their facefart page, their official page and a variety of downloads can be found on bandcamp.

(please note – bandcamp embedding no longer seems to be working, I’ll have to figure out why not. Please go the previous link to listen to them in the meantime! Ta.)

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