New Band of the Day: The Prophecy

The Prophecy - Salvation
The Prophecy – Salvation

From: Yorkshire. Play: Doom/death. Thereby promoting the gloomy stereotype of the Yorkshireman. Hey, don’t blame me – blame The Prophecy. At least they claim to be “progressive” to their genre which I think means that they’re more gloomy than the norm.

Hailing from Halifax, home to goth metal progenitors Paradise Lost, The Prophecy have been going for ten years or so and released four full albums. I’ve included a sample from the most recent, Salvation, at the bottom.

They’re a band with a great live reputation, but their recorded music isn’t to be sneezed at either. I’d definitely say they veer more in the doom direction than the death one, particularly on the new release. Slow and heavy rather than noisy and brutal. They tend to lull you in with a gentle opening before ramping up the doominess and then chucking some prog riffs at you. The older tracks are a bit heavier, I feel, so do check out Into the Light and earlier as well.

The band have a great official page which is loaded with bumph. Their facefart page is updated on a regular basis as well.

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