New Band of the Day: Control the Storm

Control the Storm

Heading south after yesterday’s visit to Leeds, we journey to the south coast of England and Bristol. A city famous for… erm… having a passport office. And probably some other stuff. Maybe relating to pirates. I dunno, I’ve only ever been there once. Saw the first Iron Man there if I remember correctly.

Anyway, Control The Storm are a “female-fronted power/goth metal band” (so sayeth the book of faces). They’re a good one as well. From what I can tell, they’re a five piece that used to be six or possible vice versa. The video beneath features six members, but their FB page only lists five, so I’m guessing they ditched a guitarist. Or forgot to list him.

Very keyboard-based with some great melodies and atmospheric guitar work. Vocals (and backing vocals) work well, nice to listen to and very easy to get into. Yeah, I’m liking what I’ve heard so far from this crew. The remind me more of Delain than anything else, which is perhaps a coincidence as the Dutch band have a song by the name of “Control the Storm”…

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