Thursday, December 3, 2020
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Google Plus Icon – yeah, I know it’s the old one (Photo credit: dolphinsdock)

Because about 6 people use Google Plus, I decided to whack a badge thingy to the side of the page and create a G+ Page. Just in case they felt they were missing out due to the facefart-centric method of delivering posts to those who don’t know how to use RSS (or who gave up on it when Google Reader was canned at the start of this month).

The reason the posts on here auto-appear on facebook as well is because it’s easy to do that. Likewise with the Twitter announcements.

Google+ on the other hand, keep buggering about with their API so that you have to be a seriously approved developer to have any chance of getting an app together to post to a G+ stream.

HootSuite is one such developer, so any posts you see on G+ will be via this source. The downside is that it’s not instantaneous, only updating at most once per hour. Still, it’s better than nowt and it’ll do until Google get off their arses and realise that making G+ more functional is slightly more important than making the profile cover photograph 50% bigger than the one you have on facebook.

Whinge over, pretty please add the page to your Circle(s) and hopefully you’ll be kept up to date with the New Band of the Day and other news.

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