New Band of the Day: D.A.M. (UK)

D.A.M. (2013)

Today’s band are quite a long-standing one and I’ll be following up tomorrow with a band with a similar name.

D.A.M. (UK) are merchants of thrash and power metal. They’ve been on the go since the late 80’s but had quite a hiatus before deciding to make a comeback. I guess it gets boring living in the cold north (Morecambe!).

Their two albums, Human Wreckage and Inside Out, were both recently remastered and they’re at work on more stuff. Their style is pretty indicative of many of the bands of that era – violent, angry and with themes about war and the like. Their guitars are slightly Nuclear Assault while the lyrics are more in the Sacred Reich vein.

With two albums to check through, there’s a decent amount of material to know that this will be a band worth looking forward to hearing more from. It’s just a shame it’s taken twenty years for the chance to come around!

You can read a bit more about them on their facebook page.

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