Atrocity Treasure Hunt


Find the gold CD!
Find the gold CD!

Tell me this isn’t a good idea – the first metal treasure hunt in the world!

This is how you can join the treasure hunt: In the booklet of the limited edition digipak and the iTunes download of the new Atrocity Okkult album is a hidden numerical code. The numbers form a letter code, which is the title of the hidden song. Once you have deciphered the title, you can enter it and log in on the Atrocity website and find more details about the treasure in the form of a 24 Karat golden CD including the song.

Then the quest begins!

“This treasure hunt will be great fun for music fans. In the age of illegal downloads this should show the value of music , too,” says Alex. “It’s usually very easy to download songs on various platforms. This very special song however is unique and you have to do something to get it.”

Of course, the excitement and the fun to participate in an adventure like this is in the foreground. The salvage of the “Grand Prize” will certainly be a really valuable treasure if alone considering the production costs.

“For us, it’s really been difficult to opt for the hidden song because there were heated discussions within the band (laughs). We don’t have the song any more, all master files and recordings are destroyed!”

Therefore, Alex calls for the adventurous treasure hunt! In the end, there should be a worthy finder, because it is not quite so simple. The treasure hunt can and should also be documented by fans.

“Film yourself in action, make photos or just write about it. You can also make treasure hunter groups on facebook, no matter what. We would be very happy to see you join this completely new form of geocaching. Together with Sonic Seducer we’ll publish and update your particpation. For Okkult II and Okkult III there will be a continuation of the treasure hunt. However, the songs will no longer be hidden in Europe but on other continents.”

In the meantime, enjoy the video for “Pandaemonium”!

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