New Band of the Day: AngelFlayer


I had a recent glut of bands following me on Twitter recently, and AngelFlayer were amongst them. For no real reason, I checked them out first (as I’ve said before, the New Band list is gone through semi-randomly) via one of the eighteen social media sites they’re using to promote themselves. OK, not that many, but it seems it. No stone unturned!

What’s unusual with AngelFlayer is the size of the band – there are two members and they’re in different countries. Daniel from Sweden got in touch with Heiko in Germany via Soundcloud about making some sweet music together. Daniel does all the vocals and Heiko does all the instruments. Quite the combination.

They really do have a good sound, though, and for something created in a fairly novel way the production is impressive as well. Nice, slow, heavy rhythms are overlaid by gutteral but understandable lyrics. Obviously this would not have happened had the German side of the partnership been doing the singing as Germans are about as decipherable as the Welsh. So a good job the Swede is laying down the vocals as, frankly, their English is usually better than anyone born in the UK in the last 23 years.

In short, they’re definitely worth checking out if you like your melodic death slightly gothically-tinged. And sung by someone who would otherwise be selling you flat-pack furniture.

obFacebook: angelflayer

ReverbNation is a good place to hear a few songs: 4ngelflayer

And here’s “My Fallen Angel”:

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