New Band of the Day: Snow White’s Poison Bite

Nice bunch of lads…

I found out about this rather mental bunch on a visit to Victory Records‘ website which is currently plugging their new album. Possibly one of the best titles so far this year: Featuring: Dr. Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show.

As the name suggests, you can expect something in the Rob Zombie / Murderdolls mindset. Cross this with some harsh Trivium-esque vocals which clash with the accompanying Wednesday 13-style ones in the chorus and you have something vaguely original. I’m basing my listening on the video below – “Meet Me In The Graveyard”, one of the best lyrics videos I’ve seen.

Being a Finnish export there is of course a high expectation, given that they come from a country that has fucking heavy metal karaoke bars on every high street*. And Lordi.

Apparently they started off as just another screamy metal band, but picked a direction, refined their sound and pointed their cobwebbed compass down the dark and scary alley to the haunted house. I’m glad they did. They take the camp horror metal genre as it is and give it a nice kick. Probably knocking its head off in gouts of blood in the process.

They have a debut album (The Story of Kristy Killings) as well as the new one, and I need to track it down. I’m also keeping an eye out for any UK tours as I have the feeling they could be something above average on stage.

Their facebook page has a fair bit of information (and links to their material).

*may be a slight exaggeration

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