Raising your kids the Moshville way

Babies can rock, too!

I mentioned on facebook the other day that we’d bought Little Mister a kids’ tablet for his 5th birthday – a Nabi 2 to be precise. It’s pretty good, comes in a nice sturdy rubberized surround and has a kid-friendly interface as well as a grown-up one.

It also have five albums on it by a woman called Laurie Berkner who sings kids songs, according to one one her YouTube videos, that don’t annoy adults.

Well that’s crap because they bloody do. You know those videos you sometimes see of small groups of people sitting around an acoustic guitar singing songs about Jesus, all with stupid smiles on their faces? The ones who look mushroomed up to their eyeballs? She sounds like that.

Little Mister has decided he “likes” this crap, which is fine. He’s five and he also likes Cannibal Corpse, Black Stone Cherry and Exodus. His response when I said I was going to replace it all with Slayer was “YES!” so we’re OK there.

However, I didn’t want him corrupting our 8 month-old daughter. As an experiment, while he had that thing blasting something about a rocket ship, I picked a random song on my laptop and cranked it to 100 (putting it up to 11 is so 1980’s…). The song happened to be “Checkmate” by Woslom, one of the recent “New Band of the Day” entries.

Littler Miss had been sat looking at her brother and blowing raspberries so I thought I was already onto a winner. As soon as Woslom kicked off, she whipped her head round and started kicking her legs. Then she started singing (OK, humming – it’s what she does) along. Mrs Kid Friendly was roundly ignored.

I think she’ll be a lot happier to be bequeathed a tablet loaded with metal when Little Mister outgrows it!

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